Let’s talk about it…

Its been close to two months since my previous blog post. I haven’t been able to entertain you ,most loyal fans, with my highly creative and sarcastic writing. But as of today, I decide to break my endless tirade of pitiable excuses such as a mind block and lack of time. I apologise for my non commitment to posting every other week as I was to. On a light note, however, at least you know what Leonardo DiCaprio felt waiting eighteen years to win an Oscar. Lol.

Seriously though…

I love to write and I love fashion even more. And if I’m being honest, which I am, I guess I’ve been unable to write due to several failures that I have endured that have more or less paralyzed my creativity and ability to write.


On a totally unrelated note…

At the poles, temperatures can drop to -76 degrees. Simply put, that means it gets really, really cold. There, the sun is never above the horizon, even in the summer. In the winter its even worse as the sun goes even lower beneath the horizon and for weeks there is little to no sunlight. It’s all night. But not in that good way that we all fantasized about while in highschool. Don’t look at me like that… I know we’ve all contemplated the possibility of one long night that would enable us to sleep through the day without judgment. Well, at least I know I have.

Still on the unrelated note…

A poorly insulated person would no doubt suffer from hypothermia. By suffer from, I actually mean die of. It starts with a vague numbness at the limbs as the blood retreats to the body’s core in order to preserve the vital organs. Next comes the delirious hallucinations. Often, the survivors, who are very few, claim to have seen haunting images such as big mugs of steaming cocoa. They were probably just seeing the bears snuggled in their thick fur insulated from the really really cold cold. Because nature is mean enough to still kick you even when you are down. As a final attempt to conserve its remaining heat, the body shuts down all its operations apart from the heart and and respiration. Unconsciousness follows from there, well, let’s just say you won’t be drinking anymore hot cocoa in this dimension.


My point?

I have none actually. I just felt like discussing the poles today.


However, do accept my knowledge on the poles as a sincere apology for my absenteeism. Therefore, loyal fans, (Ervin) hold on to your hats, ( you know yourself) I’m black.

Oh, I mean I’m back.

Its a world of asinine comments against races. I don’t want anyone confusing my incredible grasp of vocabulary for pale skin colour.

OK. Thanks.


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