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Imagine this, you have an interview with bill gates. He is willing to fund a project that has been your brainchild for months. While dressing some people might fret about the color of their tie or the patterns on their shirt. Me? I know the key to impressing Mr ‘Richest Man On Earth’ and it would be… well, not your belt. A little lower… yes. Yes. Your shoes. Your shoes must be worth the occasion if not, you are wasting my good friend’s time. I would also make sure my socks match just in case he asks me to take off my shoes during the meeting. Shoes are our way of presenting ourselves to the universe. Shoes are our culture. Shoes are our identity ( well, for some of us). Shoes are well,  everything. Our shoes speak volumes about who we are. Details about our lives such as what you ate last night, where you slept, where you are going and even what you do are stored in our shoes. At this point, let me just say that having untied shoelaces in public is an indication that your life is falling apart.

Being Kenyan, I know we all have that one shoe that we value and consider part of the family. These are the ones we wear while hosting visitors so that we can show off without really showing off. These shoes accompany us to church more frequently than our Bibles ( no judgment ). We wear the same shoes to our anxious interviews hoping that our mother’s childhood warnings about not getting jobs due to our inability to properly polish our shoes are false. These shoes know all our lovers, as we wear them to every single date. A good pair of shoes is like gold, it never loses it’s value. A good shoe compliments a good outfit, a bad shoe is the outfit.


Good shoes are a must-have if you are serious about life. If your life coach is not teaching you how to polish and maintain your shoes, ditch him, he is wasting your life. Unless he is the monk who sold his ferari. A good shoe is the key to success. A good shoe can give you a pass in so many great things in life.

I tend to be a good shoe enthusiast and from the venting I just did about having a good shoe, I can guess you ( my esteemed readers ) got an inkling of how a good shoe can just be the turning point of your life.  That having been said, let’s look at what shoes a lady should have stocked in her closet.

1. Flats/ doll shoes.


Every city girl has  flats.  Even our counterparts deep in the country have a pair. I mean, why not? They are the most comfortable shoes for a lady who knows her way around town. They are light, cheap and convenient for any situation you are likely to find yourself in  this crazy city of ours. Imagine you were just sitting innocently on one of those ‘kanjo’ benches then out of the blues you hear distant sounds of comrades demonstrating along University Way. What will you do? You will run or at least jog away to avoid getting caught in the hullabaloo. Flats are just for that. Getting away. I consider them a must- have.

2. Maasai slippers.


They are just perfect for that picnic out at Arboretum or any of those “forestry” places. They represent calmness. They whisper to you, ” just chill and let go. I got this.” They are for those occasions that do not involve walking from uptown to Bus Station. I don’t think they we’re even made for walking. They were made to just stay on your feet.

3. Heels.


Heels. Heels. Heels. I cannot stress this enough.  Having heels is one thing knowing how to walk in them is everything.  The elegance of an expensive pair of heels can be watered down to bits by the poor lady who cannot move around swiftly in them. Heels exhibit class, complexity and mystery.  A lady in heels is a mysterious woman. Everyone wants to know her and walk with her. So… you get it.

4. Boots.


The chilly season is approaching. It gets too cold. I am even thinking this time around Nairobi, will be covered in snow. It will be crazy. Woe into the lady who does not have those knee high boots in her closet. They are just perfect for my ” Nairobi winter”. They leave no part of the lower limb ( read leg) exposed to the cruelty and severity of the cold.

5. Nikes.


Why should a lady have Nikes? You may wonder.  Why not? I may counter( your wondering ). Well, Nikes JUST DO IT. These are for the lady who works out or who wants to look like she works out. They are for the lady who knows her stuff. Have you seen those ladies at the gym on the treadmill with a towel around their neck, bottle of mineral water in hand, sports bra and tights? Look at their feet. NIKES. These ladies amidst the vigour of exercise ooze confidence.  That is the power of NIKES.

I leave you with that my esteemed readers. It was a pleasure to meet you, well, virtually, of course.

Article credits to @victor0032.wordpress com.

Nevertheless, do feel free to share your opinion on the article. Which shoes do you consider a must have? Is the article accurate? Show some love for African writers. That having been said, I guess I’ll see you next week.

Otherwise,  how are you?

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9 thoughts on “talking Shoes…

  1. Richest Man On Earth’ and it would be… well, not your belt. A little lower… yes. Yes. Your shoes. Your shoes must be worth the occasion if not, you are wasting my good friend’s time.
    Hahaha that one is simply GOLD👌👌👌
    Shoes shoes shoes..
    Wonderful Audrey
    Very Wonderful

    Okay I’m done 😊😊

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  2. Several years ago my husband went to interview for a job and was told that the person interviewing him had a thing about shoes, and that he should wear his best pair. That was the first time he’d heard of a potential job hinging on such a seemingly unimportant detail.

    Still, it’s good to have every t crossed and every i dotted. 🙂

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