i tried to keep up…


There is no doubt it, the Kardashian family is the most controversial family of our time. I would go ahead and say they have trumped Madonna at her own game and are now the royals of the most scrutinized lifestyles. There is no doubt about it, they can make money off of anything and I guess those are the most admired entrepreneurs of my generation. Of course, the most famous of all them is Kim Kardashian who has one (too many) times been referred to as a modern day Greek goddess. How true that is debatable, obviously. But do keep in mind, the milkshake does bring the boys to the yard.


Within the Kardashian family is a net worth of, well, let us just say it is way more than what we receive as foreign aid. Undoubtedly, some of them do contain more plastic within them than a plastic bottle factory. But that’s OK, we drink tap water anyway. They grace our tabloids with scandalous headlines such as their father deciding to turn into their mother even tho he is well past the age of a midlife crisis. Of course, the most recent scandal would be Rob Kardashian’s choice for a fiance. For years they have entertained us through their award wining show and from the look of things, one thing is certain, the Kardashian family is here to stay.Whether we approve their existence or not.

Anyway, on to the post at hand.

While they do outrageous things in the limelight, the Kardashians know how to step out in style. They have started many fashion trends and continue to do so daily. Now, I could show you all their trendiest clothes but I thought to myself, nah… we see too much of that. Therefore, I bring you the biggest fashion fails of the original Kardashian sisters.


The eldest of the Kardashian known kids, fiance to Scott and mother of a couple kids (three) we have Kourtney. With a ‘K’. She doesn’t have a knack for creating scandals except maybe for the Justin Bieber fiasco. Oh.. you didn’t know about that too?

I feel like this look might be an indirect insult to African women. Something about a head wrap and shades doesn’t seem to be compatible. While she tried to pull off a look synonymous with African queens, she failed miserably.

Her head wrap makes her look like an Indian merchant ready to hire me for minimum wage.



They say you can never go wrong with ‘all white’. Clearly ‘they’ needs to be shown this picture.

Enough said.


Something about this photo makes me think of drum beats and loud sporadic ululation. It appears Kourtney is a runaway dancer from Bomas of Kenya.

All of a sudden I crave fried chicken.


The youngest of the three and former wife to NBA winner Lamar we have Khloe. With a ‘K’. She had the least embarrassing photos, surprisingly. However, I did manage to find one which I think might just be the very best.

OK, maybe you don’t see it. Let me just zoom in for you…


If you own a DVD player, or just any modern device you just might notice that is a ‘play’ sign. Maybe I did not receive the memo that this what youngsters are doing nowadays.


The second born of the Kardashians, wife to loudmouth and currently bankrupt rapper, Kanye West, mother of two, model, entrepreneur, socialite. As I mentioned earlier, severally, she has been referred to as a modern day Greek goddess. Nevertheless, she has had some serious fails…

This might be who Kim was before she was Kim. She looks like those flower girls at those typical Kenyan weddings marching to that popular wedding tune ( tintintiriiin…tintintiriin)

Don’t even act like you don’t know that tune…


This look is a classic fail that does nothing to flatter Kim’s figure. Also, silk from head to toe? That’s a no- no.


Now this is just ugly. Baggy snake print pants? I think not.

She looks Luke she is ready to fight pythons down in the Congo.
“Down Chonga! Chonga down!”

In conclusion, while celebrities live in the public eye and are prone to scrutiny, it is clear to see that they are only human. So go easy on them. Regardless, do feel free to share your opinions regarding today’s post. What was your favorite fashion fail? I am still quite the liberal even in today’s world of man-moms.

OK. Thanks.


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